Growing into ourselves. Leaving behind our childhoods. Embracing love as the elusive mess that it is. Charging ahead like we know what we’re doing. Realizing nobody’s ever known how to do this. Choosing an insurance plan. Taking the leap without a net. Watching our heroes grow older. Closing old chapters, beginning new ones. Failing and failing and – sometimes – succeeding.

I can tell you that my twenty-something years have unraveled my early ambitions of always being clear on just what the hell is going on. I don’t know what I expected of my twenties, but this wasn’t it. Maybe my twenties aren’t everybody’s twenties, but I’m gonna universalize the hell out of them anyway. Think of these as bread crumbs for the twenty-somethings to follow. Notes on a world discovered.

We don’t know where we’re going
But we’re on the run
Judah and the Lion

1: your life hits fast-forward.
2: nobody’s immune from the mess.
3: you are going to annoy your co-workers.
4: you choose your own adventure.
5: everything is transient.
6: somebody needs your story.
7: you’ll have to defend your dreams.