muncie beginnings.

Just over a month ago, following a much-needed pit stop at home, I packed my things into my car, recruited my little brother to bring the rest in his truck, and made the familiar journey from Terre Haute to Muncie.

It was something like this.

In the month following the move, a lot has happened: I’ve had the chance to reconnect with friends and mentors from an old chapter and call them my people. I’ve made my apartment feel like home, gutted and reorganized my office, and [nearly] survived five weeks of Cardinal Training. I’ve joked and laughed with new friends. I’ve seen Muncie fireworks, run Ball State pathways, and made several grocery runs to Meijer. I’ve celebrated the birthdays of people I love, and I’ve celebrated the closing of my own year at 24. The beginnings of my new chapter at Ball State have been characterized by a curious mix of old and new elements, but I have found only greater certainty that I am exactly where I need to be.

Among the greatest of highlights has been the return to Berry Winkle, a weigh-and-pay frozen yogurt shop that is among Muncie’s finest gems. The fro-yo tastes even better when enjoyed with the people who made it fun in the first place.


As the first month comes to a close, the day of residence hall opening grows closer and closer. Almost three weeks ago, the grads joined Cardinal Training, and I’ve had the chance to make plans with my work buddy for the year. (We also, in case you haven’t heard us weeping with joy, finished retooling the B/C front desk!)



One of the reasons I found myself drawn to Ball State in the job search is the certainty I felt about its knack for hiring phenomenal people. That said, over the past few weeks, I have found myself in awe of the tremendous spirits and talented minds that characterize my colleagues. These are great human beings, and I count myself lucky to stand among them.


Over the past few days, inexplicably, I have felt my heart characterized by a tremendous plurality of emotions. Some days, it seems that my eyes are capable of seeing a brighter arrays of colors, my heart capable of holding a deeper array of emotions, and I somehow feel the wherewithal to carry and understand them all. Whatever this is, it always settles over me like a familiar blanket, promising me that I’m standing exactly where I was meant to go.


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