my body does.

I could tell you a lot about my body
And what it can’t do
And what it won’t be
And why it isn’t enough
But my body and soul are tired
So let me follow with what
My body does

My body may not drop your jaw
But it is happy to pull you close
Keep you warm
Hold you near and calm your trembling skin

My body may never carry me to the Olympics
But it has carried me thousands of miles
Running past sunsets and parked cars and cityscapes
And past finish lines I barely believed I’d reach

My body may never seem good enough
But someday I will pine for it and I’ll wonder
“How in the world did it not seem enough?”
As my spirit clings to stay and live in the world of my body

My body may not hold the attention of many
But it does hold my heart, full of bright love and wild optimism,
And it gives a home to my mind
And my words and my dreams and my soul

My body may not gather the attention of the masses
But it has indulged in the affection of the humans I’ve loved most
It has laughed alongside them and held their hands
It has cried and hugged and danced and ignited

My body does not
Judge, leave, give up, abandon, shy away
But love? try? fight? dream? live? believe?
My body does

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