when i knew #20.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 5.16.11 PM3

“My family grew up in the church and I had repeatedly heard about homosexuality and sin, but did not really understand what homosexuality was.

“When I was in elementary school, I called my sister a fag (obviously having no clue as to what a fag was) and clearly remember my mom telling me I shouldn’t call my sister a fag because it was ‘when a boy liked another boy, which is a sin.’ So naturally, in my little 10 year old mind, I was thinking, ‘Oh holy shit. I am so gay.’

“I have always known I was gay. I had crushes on other boys and fell in love with every shirtless movie star. I never struggled with my own acceptance of my sexuality, but I did struggle with what others thought. So, I spent years avoiding dating and lying to others until I had the chance to come out on my own terms. (Just kidding. My parents went through my phone and found me talking to a bunch of guys. Best coming out story ever, right?!)”

– T

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