my raison d’être #2.


“‘Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.’ – Yo-Yo Mama

“I’m very passionate about helping people, my significant other, and Batman (maybe not in that order). I’m in love with the  process of improving at yoga, the ideals of self-improvement, and being a mentor to those that will have me. I can rave about thing things I love for days and days; I’m frenzied about the process of gaining more understanding of those things that light my soul on fire. My passion is my flow. I feel beautiful when I’m engaging in the things I’m obsessed with. Passion is one of the two primary emotions that makes me tick.

“‘Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before.’ – Elizabeth Edwards

“Some days passion isn’t there. I wish it always was. I can’t lust after progress every day, even if it involves something I’m always in love with. I’m only human, and humans at their most basic are still complicated. Some days my soul isn’t on fire, and I don’t feel beautiful. Those are the days my energy comes from a fuel that every spirited person should have in reserves: Resilience.

“I grind until the day is over. The passion always comes back, but not if I stop moving. Learning about how we as humans hurt each other, arguing with my significant other, watching Batman & Robin. These aren’t things I crave to do every day. My yoga practice will regress, some days I don’t improve, and there are times I don’t have the energy to give to a mentee. I can’t will myself to be to be lustful of the process.. I can be resilient, show up, and still do the work that leads to things I’m passionate about. I always remember in times of need that Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy wouldn’t exist without the worst moments of the 90’s Batman movies. My weakest moments in my relationship create the strongest long-term bonds. Sacrifices must be made to capture the queen on a chessboard. My base emotions can be pawns to a greater cause.

“Resilience is the peanut butter, passion is the jelly, my body is the bread. Resilience holds everything together, passion makes everything sweet and textured, and without my body none of the emotions matter. It all makes for one delicious sandwich, but one component without the others isn’t worth eating. In a world filled so many great sandwiches, eating a shitty sandwich is a great sacrifice.

“Stay passionate. Stay resilient. Keep making a difference.

– T

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