4: you choose your own adventure.


An important to thing to note, in this series, is that my education path has the following progression: I completed K-12, moved to a four-year public university and graduated in four years, and then I completed a two-year graduate program. Regardless of your educational path, however, there comes a point when you realize you’ve run out of script. For me, the first hints of this came when I decided to go to graduate school in lieu of the workforce. After graduate school, upon entering my first job, I realized the script was mine to write.

It sounds simple, but the twenties generally bring about the first time in your life when all the realities of your life – your place of work, the city/town you inhabit, the people you surround yourself with, the vehicle you drive (if you drive), – become yours to choose.

There are more mundane choices, too. In July 0f 2014, I found myself choosing a retirement plan, an insurance option, whether or not to opt into vision insurance, a local dentist and physician, whether or not to sign with a gym, which vacation days to utilize… Where did all this freedom come from?

For me, the ‘running out of script’ feeling has been real. Holding the pen to author your life is, at first, a terrifying prospect. What if we make the wrong decision? Will I be glad, when I look back on my twenties, that I spent them doing this? Living here? What really matters? How am I living with the answer to that question in mind?

Here it is: After all the schooling, the training, and the dreaming, your twenties hand you the pen with which to write your life. It’s a liberating experience, yes, but it’s also a bit harrowing. But we can do it, because we’re doing it. We’re gonna make it, twenty-somethings. We’re gonna write this story.

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