part ii: the heart and the mind.

user's manual

All right, this takes a little bit of explaining: Within you are two entities, your Heart and your Mind, that work together to move you through the process of life.

Your Heart (which is particularly dominant in its governance of you, by the way) prefers to make decisions based on feelings and abstract notions such as compassion and the transformative power of love and the greater good of humanity. Your Heart concerns itself with the well being of others, especially those you love.

Your Mind (which is often quite tired of taking orders from the Heart) prefers to make decisions based on what it’s observed before and what it sees as the logical end result of behavior. The Mind is also particularly insistent upon scraping past memories and showing your Heart where it missed specific inconsistencies and signals, which your Heart does not appreciate. The Mind is focused on your preservation through strategy.

As you might guess, being dominated by the Heart can present occasional problems during a healing process. Healing is, by nature of its purpose, a selfish process. It will require you to take up space, say ‘no’ when your instinct to please others arises, and generally do whatever it is that the Mind has found to be nurturing to your greatest welfare.

While it’s not terribly pleasant, we are pleased to say that the pain your Heart is experiencing does enable your Mind to take charge a bit more than usual. And, given the rarity with which the Mind gets the driver’s seat, it is a minor understatement to say that the Mind ‘makes itself at home.’ You will be rational, calculated, and direct about what it is that you need to heal, and your Heart will often be relieved at the results.

The Mind without the Heart, however, can be a bit ruthless in these times. Scouring memories of the past for the aforementioned inconsistencies and signals, it can become forgetful of the Heart’s commitment to empathy. The Mind will want to ask questions, demand answers, and express its anger.

Because you are ruled by the Heart, you will not be able to allow the Mind to reign without belaboring your Heart further with remorse. As such, you will need to remind your Mind to proceed with kindness. At times, your Heart may overdo it, but your Mind will begrudgingly accept this is as a lesser risk to your well being than cruelty.

As time moves on, and as you approach the finish line of ‘normalcy,’ you will find the Heart gradually gaining strength. The Mind, having surveyed you for any cracks or vulnerabilities, will then sigh, satisfied with itself, and give over the wheel. Your Heart will return to its station, able once more to feel and give love openly.

It is in this state that you will feel most strong, most certain, and – as you might imagine – most yourself.

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