truth is.

The truth is I will answer
how are you with good
even when I can’t see the
world in color, when I’m
figuring out how to breathe
through a new knot in my
chest, and sometimes
good is less of a truth and
more of a promise to
myself, we will get there, we will
feel good, and

Truth is, I was only
beautiful to them as long as I
fit into the picture they’d
already painted, and
realizing it was an ugly scrape,
and never again, never
a-fucking-gain, and the

Truth is rarely an easy
story to say out loud, I’m a
character lost and wandering
the unspelled page, hoping
for happier pages, trying
to speed through the gray,
re-read, re-read, until the
words finally mean

And the truth is
I hope you will love me
on the day I am hardest to see,
when I am lost and stubborn
and fighting my way to the
next page, I hope you will
go with me, hope you
won’t go.

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