after the vote #2.


“I’ve always been inspired by strong female leads, but Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec has always held a special place in my heart. There are strong parallels to what we’ve just witnessed here in America.

“If Ms. Knope taught me anything, it’s that in times like these, we need a plate full of waffles to start feeling better. Once we eat those waffles, we get to work. When we get past the shock, we have to be changed by what’s happened here. We should be looking for and supporting (or becoming ourselves) the Leslie Knopes we want to see in the world.

“Get active in your local government. Go to those boring meetings. Listen to what others are concerned with. Care about those people. Care about Twilight getting put in the time capsule. We can learn a lot from just being present and actually listening to everything that is happening around us right now. And our attitudes are such a key part. Leslie Knope said it: ‘Positive is always better than negative.'”

– Tiffany

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